Our FATHER'S DAY EDIT is here! ~~ UK Delivery in time for Sunday 20th June Our FATHER'S DAY EDIT is here! ~~ UK Delivery in time for Sunday 20th June




When Future Us look back over this period, I think we'll remember a few things clearly: the surreal, Black Mirror-esque nature of the pandemic's sudden impact on our lives; the way it's opened up space for seismic shifts in behaviour and perspective; and home... so many, many days at home. 

A while back, we asked our followers on Instagram if they'd like to take part in a new series exploring how our idea of "home" has changed during lockdown, and how we've all adapted our living spaces to meet new demands. This week, we're featuring the beautiful home of Frankie, who shares her family's renovation labour of love (including a proper yellow retro kitchen!), some positive new habits that embrace wellbeing & community, and her commitment to supporting small businesses. Take it away, Frankie...




Can you tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Frankie and I live in Edinburgh with my husband Darran and our two daughters who are 5 and 7.   
Darran and I run LOOKLOOK- an experiential marketing agency with a specialism in photo technology  We have been running our business for 10 years and currently riding the COVID wave while we wait on the events sector picking back up.  Typically we help big name brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Estee Lauder with their field marketing. That can be anything that involves a live events aspect so a brand launch, festival activation, influencer event, opening celebration.  We assist them with sampling, staffing and of course a shareable and grammable photo experience. 
We also provide a Gif booth to buy  service for venues and visitor attractions who want to create on-brand content of their visitors on a longer term basis.
Like the rest of the world, the four of us have been at home so much more in the last 5 months and our house has been well and truly used and loved in this time. Our house was a complete redesign and renovation, we bought it in 2014 and redecorated every room in the house.  It was a challenge but well worth it.
How would you sum up your home in five words?
Design-led, scandi, natural, warm, full of love
On a perfect day, how would you like your home to feel?
Uncluttered - that never happens, I think I need to reassess my life.
What does the idea of home mean to you?
Home to me is sanctuary and a place to relax.  My room is definitely the living room, I’m all about trying to invigorate it with scents and plants, nice lighting, relaxing textures and soothing colours. I have a gorgeous pilea at the moment which is thriving and I have a huge pampas grass in my garden which I’m now obsessed with drying out the plumes and using those dried in various decorative vases throughout the house.  Dried flowers used to seem really old fashioned to me but they are having a real resurgence.
How have you had to adapt corners of your home, or your whole home, during lockdown? Has anywhere or anything taken on a new significance?
We are actually about to build a garden office for that exact reason.  Darran and I have both made make-shift offices in the bedroom and our cellar (!) but a garden office is a more long-term solution.  Our garden is small but south-facing and has a wall around it so it like another room and is a complete sun-trap.  I have really round my green-fingers during lockdown, my friends and I were saying how therapeutic gardening is, it really does work wonders. Hello middle-age!
What are your tried and tested methods for "blowing away the cobwebs" when you arrive home after a challenging day?
In my twenties it would have been a glass of wine and some trashy TV but now in my late thirties it’s … a glass of wine and trash TV. But seriously,  I have been getting into more spiritual practices like moon rituals and crystals. I have found this a really great way to relax and work with the natural flow of the universe rather than fighting against it. 
Has your idea of your neighbourhood changed during lockdown? 
Yes definitely.  We live on a cue-de-sac so it’s perfect for neighbourly get togethers.  Just before lock-down we started a street What’s App group which is still going strong.
Has your idea of "community" changed during lockdown? 
For sure, I suppose like most people we are staying closer to home and making the most of local amenities. My friends and I have started wild swimming ( I say started, we have been once) but that is something we never would have thought of if it wasn’t for lockdown.
We are also community minded when it comes to our own shopping habits and so we are on a mission to support Edinburgh business such as The Good Store and Civerinos Pizza  who are about to open in Corstorphine.
What are your favourite wellbeing habits at home? What makes you feel happy in your space?  
I am a big fan of spiritual well being, I love lighting candles or burning sage before my moon rituals and I journal every morning as a way to organise my thoughts.
Where can we find out more about the work you do? 
Our website is looklook.co.uk and as a COVID innovation we have just developed a touch-free photo booth for brands and agencies.  Take a look if you would like to know more. 
Or you can follow me at Instagram: frankie_looklook
Thanks so much, Frankie, for sharing your words and your haven of a home! It's so uplifting to hear about fun Events... cannot wait til that part of small business life is up and running again!
We're looking to feature all kinds of lived-in homes inhabited by people from all walks of life, wherever you are. We want this blog to be a place for community and conversation. If you'd like to be featured, just drop us an email at: shop@centurygeneralstore.com.

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