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How We Live Now / Laura of Dear Prudence Studio

How We Live Now / Laura of Dear Prudence Studio

When Future Us look back over this period, I think we'll remember a few things clearly: the surreal, Black Mirror-esque nature of the pandemic's sudden impact on our lives; the way it's opened up space for seismic shifts in behaviour and perspective; and home... so many, many days at home.

A while back, we asked our followers on Instagram if they'd like to take part in a new series exploring how our idea of "home" has changed during lockdown, and how we've all adapted our living spaces to meet new demands. Today, we're delighted to be featuring the calm, creative home of Laura, the artist and maker behind the Dear Prudence Studio range of kids' products we sell. Laura's home is in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire - and its style, just like Laura's creations, is so distinctive. Hope you enjoy the tour, a beacon of creativity and some beautiful thoughts on community to brighten up what's been a dreich week here on the East coast. Over to you, Laura...



Can you tell us a little about yourself. Who are you and where do you live? 

Hi there, my name is Laura. I am the creator behind dear prudence studio that is now in her tenth year.

I design cards, prints, stationery and textiles. Originally from Edinburgh, I now live in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, with my husband Andrew and two boys, Amos (6) and Eli (4)





How would you sum up your home in five words?

Natural, rustic, light, cosy, hint of scandi





On a perfect day, how would you like your home to feel?

Wood burner crackling away, banana loaf in the oven, Neil Young playing with the boys playing by my feet. Oh, and clean, love my home to feel really clean with no clutter.



What does the idea of home mean to you?

Safe, somewhere that reflects who you are and your aesthetics. It’s a place to feel complete and comfortable with the kitchen being at the heart.



How have you had to adapt corners of your home, or your whole home, during lockdown? Has anywhere or anything taken on a new significance?

Yes, this is a great question. We have a snug, which is a basement room. We never used it before lockdown, and always wondered why. I now know why. It’s because we never had time to just slow down and really LIVE in our home. Now it’s a space the boys will go to have their own time together and where Andrew boxes and works out. 

We also realised how important it is to have a lock on the bathroom door!



What are your tried and tested methods for "blowing away the cobwebs" when you arrive home after a challenging day?

Kettle on! That’s the first thing I do. I then light a candle or incense. This works wonders for switching off. 

My bed is also my favourite place in the house. I like to just sit, with my favourite blanket, sipping tea and appreciating our beautiful view.


Has your idea of your neighbourhood changed during lockdown? 

Absolutely. We have always been close with our neighbours, but during lockdown it came to a different level of support. We set up a WhatsApp page, and also started having socially distanced drinks in the evening. I now know my neighbours better than ever.

A friend of mine down the road, hosted doorstep discos every Saturday night. They have become the talk of the town.



Has your idea of "community" changed during lockdown? 

100%. I have really had time during lockdown to really think and consider how we shop for everything. I can safely say that I hardly ever shop in big department stores or big brands. I shop locally whereever I possibly can. 

This is the time where the High Street will thrive and small communities will want to shop local and independent, rather than driving into big cities or shopping malls. Community is everything. 

But I do feel very lucky to live in such an amazing town smack bang in the middle of the countryside, with such an eclectic mix of people and creatives. We have a cinema, music venue, artist studios in every mill and a huge LGBT community, which we value and embrace. We are known as ‘The Brighton of the North’.



What are your favourite wellbeing habits at home? What makes you feel happy in your space?  

Baking, cleaning, self care, meditation, playing and connecting with my boys, and of course music. These make me feel happy and secure. Andrew does all the cooking and there’s nothing I love more than looking forward to our evening eating wonderful homemade meals together. 

I also love the freedom I have to work in my home studio. I did have a studio down the road but I now realise I love working from home and being able to dip in and out whenever I please. It keeps me sane.



Where can we see more of your space / find out more about the work you do?

You can find me over on instagram and on my website


Thanks so much, Laura! You can find Dear Prudence Studio's products over in our Kids collection. We're looking to feature all kinds of lived-in homes inhabited by people from all walks of life, wherever you are. We want this blog to be a place for community and conversation. If you'd like to be featured, just drop us an email at: shop@centurygeneralstore.com.
Hope you've had a restful weekend!