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TEN MINUTES WITH / Emily of just.emily

TEN MINUTES WITH / Emily of just.emily

One of the best parts of running an independent store is that we get to meet makers from all walks of life who are doing their thing, honing their craft and putting passion & energy into everything they make. We get to fill our shelves with unique, handmade products, and to welcome people into the store to learn more through workshops and collaborations. This relationship with makers brings Century to life! While our bricks and mortar store is closed, we're sharing sneak peeks into the lives of those who make the products we stock, because we're all craving connection and community at the moment (this week more than ever). So put the kettle on, sit back and find inspiration in our 'Ten Minutes With...' series, which we began a few weeks into lockdown. 

This week, we're sharing a glance into the world of Emily Gaston, who makes the beautiful, minimal studs in our online store. We love that it's the kind of understated, simple jewellery you can wear every day, that becomes a part of your daily uniform whatever your style. Over too you, Emily!



Who are you and what do you make? 

I am just.emily jewellery (@justdotemily). I make simple, honest geometric jewellery in sterling silver. I like symbols, simplicity and nature, and combine all of these things into my range of jewellery. I'd love to say I'm a meticulous planner and worker, but my bench is often messy and disorganised - and that's generally where I find most of my ideas! 
What's the best thing about your work space? 
I had a great space up in the eaves of my last house, but have recently had to move. I like a light and airy space where I can put up little mementos and make a bit of a mess! I love my simple set up, I don't have a lot of kit and always find a way to make do with what I've got if something difficult crops up. 
Where do you find your inspiration online? And your inspiration in real life? 
I love Instagram and seeing what all sorts of creatives get up to. Real 'making' inspiration often comes from playing around at my bench, using my materials to find new ideas. I absolutely love swimming... in a pool, rivers, the sea, anywhere really, it helps me relax and be more content.
What's helping you through at the moment? 
Reading. I love escaping into another world for a while and having time is allowing me to enjoy it more. I also listen to the Podcast 'Fortunately with Fi and Jane' for studio giggles. My husband and walks with the dog are also keeping the days busy and happy. And baking (I tend to crisis bake...) 
What are you most looking forward to? 
Seeing my friends and family again! And some of the markets I had planned this year, hopefully they can still go ahead as I love doing them! 
// Thanks so much for sharing your words and photos, Emily! It's always a treat to see behind the scenes, and all the things that inspire each individual! You can find Emily's beautiful studs up on the online store. Plus necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks over at justemilyjewellery.com. And if you've enjoyed this wee peek, have a look through our blog for the other makers we've featured. Behind every product is a story...

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