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TEN MINUTES WITH / Hera and Ares

TEN MINUTES WITH / Hera and Ares

We love the kind of understated jewellery that you can wear every day whatever your style or mood, that becomes a part of your uniform. Hera and Ares designs are the perfect mix of minimal and bohemian, the brass capturing the light and reminding you of sunnier climes and brighter times. 

One of the best parts of running an independent store is that we get to meet makers from all walks of life who are doing their thing, honing their craft and putting passion & energy into everything they make. We get to fill our shelves with unique, handmade products, and to welcome people into the store to learn more through workshops and collaborations. This relationship with makers brings Century to life! While our bricks and mortar store is closed, we're sharing sneak peeks into the lives of those who make the products we stock, because we're all craving connection and community at the moment. So put the kettle on, sit back and find inspiration in our 'Ten Minutes With...' series over the coming weeks. Today, meet Alexandra of jewellery brand Hera and Ares...


Who are you and what do you make?
My name is Alexandra and I make brass jewellery inspired by ancient cultures, the moon and stars and traditional talismans. 
What's the best thing about your workspace?
The natural light!  I spent nearly two years in a studio with no windows or natural light, so this is the biggest luxury!  I'm also loving working from home because I can break up my work around the rest of my day instead of going off to work in a studio for hours non-stop. 
Where do you find your inspiration online?  And your inspiration in real life?
Online, I could (and do!) spend hours looking at photos on Pinterest of ancient Greek and Roman jewellery, and talismans from all over the world.  In real life, I love the jewellery collection at the V&A, and the random collection of books on ancient art I've accumulated from charity shops. I also get inspired by other jewellers, and seeing how they work and the techinques they use
What's helping you through at the moment?
 All the orders coming through from my lovely customers are keeping me feeling positive. And the long-awaited arrival of spring- seeing the sun gives me so much energy and motivation, and I love watching all my plants coming back to life and growing new leaves!
What are you most looking forward to?
Eventually having a studio somewhere warm by the sea!  In the shorter term, I was hoping to do some events in London, if lockdown eases up enough in the not-too-distant future.
/// Thank you so much for the photos and insight Alexandra! You can find Hera and Ares gorgeous jewellery in our online store, available to buy individually and as part of our Stellar care package.

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