Our FATHER'S DAY EDIT is here! ~~ UK Delivery in time for Sunday 20th June Our FATHER'S DAY EDIT is here! ~~ UK Delivery in time for Sunday 20th June




Some brands just make you smile. The cards we stock from Type O Design are infused with sunshine and vintage vibes, making me think of Big Sur, of hazy days and records spinning, nowhere in particular to be. Sounds good, right? 

One of the best parts of running an independent store is that we get to meet makers from all walks of life who are doing their thing, honing their craft and putting passion & energy into everything they make. We get to fill our shelves with unique, handmade products, and to welcome people into the store to learn more through workshops and collaborations. This relationship with makers brings Century to life! While our bricks and mortar store is closed, we're sharing sneak peeks into the lives of those who make the products we stock, because we're all craving connection and community at the moment. So put the kettle on, sit back and find inspiration in our 'Ten Minutes With...' series over the coming weeks. Today, meet Edinburgh artist and calligrapher Sammy of Type O Design...



Who are you and what do you make?

I’m Sammy and I create art prints, greeting cards and wedding stationery inspired by nature and my love of colour and abstract design.


What's the best thing about your work space?

The best (but sometimes worst) thing is that it’s in my front room, meaning I can work on stuff whenever I’d like. Although I live in a small flat, I’m lucky enough to have a corner set up with everything I need to work efficiently.



Where do you find your inspiration online? And your inspiration in real life?

Online Pinterest plays a big part in inspiring me - I love browsing (for way too long) to find my next colour palette. In real life I really enjoy wandering around Leith, where I live - there’s so much nature amongst the built-up areas and I really like that juxtaposition. 


What's helping you through at the moment?

Reading as much as I can, and the odd glass of wine. Book-wise I’d recommend Normal People by Sally Rooney (as well as the BBC series), Know my Name by Chanel Miller, and Raven Smith’s Trivial Pursuits by Raven Smith. I’m also really enjoying taking walks late at night due to social distancing - the streets are empty and it’s great!


What are you most looking forward to?

Travelling to see my parents and their cocker spaniel, and getting back to my day job - apparently I miss social interaction more than I thought I would!



// Thank you so much for sharing your photographs and insights, Sammy! That light! You can find Type O Design greeting cards in our online store. We'll use our best handwriting to send a message to someone on your behalf, just tell us the message you'd like in there in the notes at checkout. Sammy also creates beautiful unique calligraphy products for events, so keep her in mind for those big post-lockdown celebrations.

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