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TEN MINUTES WITH / Yuzu and Thread

TEN MINUTES WITH / Yuzu and Thread

Events in the world would have us believe that we're becoming more fractured, more divided... but it's connection and community that will see us through. One of the best parts of running an independent store is that we get to meet makers from all walks of life who are doing their thing, honing their craft and putting passion & energy into everything they make. We get to fill our shelves with unique, handmade products which then make their way into your homes, and to welcome people into the store to learn more through workshops and collaborations. This relationship with makers brings Century to life! We began the Ten Minutes With series while our bricks & mortar shop was closed in lockdown. 

This week, we're sharing a peek into the world of Yuzu and Thread. Edinburgh-based Kumiko designs and sews handmade children's clothes using organic cotton spun into colourful fabrics. Her clothes bring a punchy splash of colour to our Peak District store, and you can also find Yuzu & Thread clothes in our online store. As I type, it's a dreich day here in Scotland so pop the kettle on and get lost in Kumiko's inspiring, colourful workspace...


Who are you and what do you make?
 I’m Kumiko and I make clothes and accessories for babies and children using colourful and fun prints. I live in Abbeyhill just a few minutes walk away from Century General Stores.

What's the best thing about your work space?

My work space is our second bedroom (or was until the bed had to be removed to make space for more sewing space) which means I get the comforts of home whilst at work. This can be both a positive and a negative.


Where do you find your inspiration online? And your inspiration in real life?

Flicking through Instagram posts and going down the rabbit hole on Pinterest searching for anything related to sewing, textiles, ceramics and furniture.

In real life, I love visiting the V&A Museum in London especially to see their fashion exhibitions. Unfortunately, London’s not just a hop away but Dovecot Studio on Infirmary Street is a great local place to get inspiration in Edinburgh.


What's helping you through at the moment?

Having started working from home a few years ago I’m very fortunate that my working arrangements haven't had to change too much with the exception of a few tweaks to my delivery arrangements. My husband is currently forced to work from home at the moment which also means I get more lunch and dinners made for me (he likes cooking more than me).

What are you most looking forward to?

Getting back to craft fairs and back to ice skating classes which is one of my hobbies.



Thank you so much letting us into your cheery studio, Kumiko! You can follow Yuzu and Thread on Instagram @yuzuandthread. We currently stock Yuzu and Thread clothes for ages from birth to 4 years over on our Online Store (the pale blue weekday trousers are especially popular!), and a larger range of designs in our Peak District Store. You can find more of Kumiko's creations for sale over on her etsy page . Right, off to add a bit of colour to the house, feeling inspired! Have an ace day whatever you're up to.

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