Wood - Sea Salt - Sage

This candle is inspired by windswept walks
along the shore. 


These gorgeous soy candles from Aberdeen makers
and sustainability advocates Our Lovely Goods come
in a range of scents infused with essential oils. With
names that'll transport you elsewhere for a while, each
candle is clean, long-burning and guaranteed to set the
mood whatever the occasion. 

180ml candle made with 100% natural soy wax + essential
oils, with 40 hours burn time. Restorative and transformative.

Don't forget to add a 'Make It Beautiful' Gift Wrap to your
order if you'd like your product choices to be gift wrapped
in our signature fabric wrapping + dried flower details +
a playlist to suit the mood of your selection. You'll find
the Gift Wrap at the beginning of the Pick 'n' Mix Collection.
We'll make it a joy to open.