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Wild Blossom / A5 Monotype Print

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Wild Blossom / A5 Monotype Print

An A5 Relief print of foraged wild blossom, by printmaker Olivia Lucy, printed in dark olive intaglio ink. Each print is one of a kind and as such will vary slightly from the photograph.


A printmaker based in Norfolk, Olivia Lucy's practice is heavily influenced by natural forms and landscapes from across the UK. Drawn to tactile processes and materials reflected in the slow experience of traditional printmaking, Olivia loves the rolling of the heavy paper through a press; a process that cannot produce two identical prints.

All A3, A4 and A5 prints are printed onto smooth Fabriano 50% cotton printmaking paper. Olivia uses a small table top etching press to create the prints that use the embossing process.

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