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MAGAZINE / Lionheart / Balance

/ Lionheart is an independent lifestyle publication for those looking for something that reflects their ideas and curiosities.

Style, culture, stories, interviews, travel, photography, craft and illustration.

It will leave you feeling peachy good and roaring from the inside and out into the world. /

Balance, more than anything else, is a feeling. You need the up and downs, they are what allow you to be free to explore, to make mistakes and magic. But central to this is being able to check-in with yourself, to recognise what you need, who you are. BALANCE holds everything together. If you have just a small amount of it, in a world that might feel unsure and overwhelming, it keeps us focused. Long-term it allows us to prosper and others too. Balance does well with love, for yourself, others, the world. If you look after yourself, you have the essentials of very important grounding and balance, so you can set out little fireworks of possibility, of calm, joy, passion and kindness. This issue explores balance with the hope to make you feel GOOD, inspired and ROARING from your heart. I hope you feel this!


112 pages

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