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MAGAZINE / Oh Magazine / Issue 53

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MAGAZINE / Oh Magazine / Issue 53

/ Oh is about new ways of looking inside ourselves and out at the world. A mindfulness magazine with a fresh perspective – where mindfulness is nothing more of less magical than the good stuff we knit into our days, in the most ordinary ways. You’ll find ample time to reflect and feel, to pause, question and notice; gentler ways to be and do, to live and play. We’re an arms-wide-open mag – inclusive, down-to-earth, and heart-led. We believe that life’s better when we all help each other out, live a kinder life, and just go a hell of a lot easier on ourselves in the process. That’s why you won’t find long lists of stuff to do, buy and ‘be’ in oh
– instead, you’ll find deliciously long and transporting reads and deeply human first person stories that celebrate the humble, the frugal and the plentiful; the magic in the mundane, and the unsung beauty of the unnoticed. /

Issue 53 ofoh is our beautiful early spring issue and the theme is wellspring. A naturally replenishing source of pure water, from deep within the earth, a wellspring represents hope.

130 pages

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