Steampunk Coffee Beans


We love Steampunk not just for their incredible coffee but
their commitment to social solidarity, people and the

We are so excited to be stocking Steampunk beans on our
shelves again. Each 250g box of beans is roasted with care
and brought to you in plastic-free packaging.

Choose in the drop down menu from:

Fazenda Cahoeira, full bodied and nutty, with notes of
milk chocolate. From Brazil


Sopacdi Women's Coffee Project, with notes of

passionfruit, toffee + apricot. From the Democratic

Republic of Congo


Don't forget to add a 'Make It Beautiful' Gift Wrap to your
order if you'd like your product choices to be gift wrapped
in our signature fabric wrapping + dried flower details + a
playlist to suit the mood of your selection. You'll find the
Gift Wrap at the beginning of the Pick 'n' Mix Collection.
We'll make it a joy to open.