Shampoo Bar / Kiwi Kowhai


Handmade in small batches in Fife, these 100g solid
shampoo bars are vegan-friendly, zero waste, and
packed full of essential oils and natural ingredients
to nourish your hair on a daily basis.

This bar was created to by Bodylushious's Kiwi owner
Bronwyn to encapsulte the quintessential
nature of New Zealand and comes complete with colour
and oomph with its powerful, grounding yet calming
Tea Tree & Cedarwood pure essential oil combo. 

Don't forget to add a 'Make It Beautiful' Gift Wrap to your
order if you'd like your product choices to be gift wrapped
in our signature fabric wrapping + dried flower details +
a playlist to suit the mood of your selection. You'll find
the Gift Wrap at the beginning of the Pick 'n' Mix Collection.
We'll make it a joy to open.