We make up bundles to Nourish, to Refuel, to Surprise, to Celebrate, to Thank, to Console, for Moments of Calm, for Birthdays, for Just-Becauses... You can order a Care Package for anyone, for any budget and any occasion, and it's a joy to be able to put together something special for someone knowing it'll give them a bit of love.

Since March, we've sent out hundreds of Care Packages to NHS Staff and Key Workers. When thinking about how to do something tangible to support frontline workers for as long as the UK is affected by COVID-19, we realised something. Between them, our parents notched up over 100 YEARS of NHS service. That's a whole Century! Working in surgeries, pathology labs, blood donor centres, psychiatric wards, delivering babies...

That's why we launched our Gift It Forward Voucher and nomination scheme. It means you can send something to a key worker even if you don't know them personally. It also means that, if you do know someone but can't afford to send them something at the moment, you can nominate them to receive something paid for by a stranger. It really does celebrate the kindness of strangers.

We know that candles and coffee won't fight this virus, but we want to tell NHS workers that they're seen, give them a few moments of respite, and care for them as they care tirelessly for others. 

You can ///  buy a £10 or £35 Gift It Forward voucher here  /// in our online store. If you're a key worker, or if you're buying something for a key worker, you can /// use the code KEY at checkout  /// on any purchase to receive a discount. Have a browse over on our Online Store.

To nominate someone  to receive a nourishing bundle of treats that'll brighten their day, send us an email to shop@centurygeneralstore.com.

Follow #acenturyofcare over on instagram to see how this whole thing has grown!

And of course, you can order a Care Package for any occasion. Just drop us an email and we'll put together something beautiful and bespoke and it'll be posted out within a couple of days.

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