'What Do You Need?', our Bespoke Virtual Care Package, is a big hug, a listening ear, a kick-start and a sigh of relief all in one.

Our guiding ethos at Century is that we make and do the things we'd like to see and receive. Throughout last year, we found that the real magic was in putting together bespoke gifts: having dialogue with individuals, adding personalised extras, creating authentic connections, delving into stories & community, getting a glimpse into the lives of others; recognising that, now more than ever, we are each living with a unique set of circumstances and there is no one-size-fits-all template for wellbeing.

We know, too, how much of a relief it is when someone makes life a bit easier for you, or takes those first difficult steps on your behalf, or guides you towards a solution that's felt beyond your reach. How wonderful it is when someone attunes the thing you instinctively crave but have been unsure how to grasp. Listens to what you need and then quietly delivers it with minimal fuss.

'What Do You Need?' is for anyone who needs a little help with the first steps towards beginning something new or making a positive change, whatever that might mean to you, We want you to feel looked after, seen, heard and valued, and that means recognising your individuality. What works for one person is not applicable to you, and that's why each care package begins from scratch and its contents are unique to you. Beginning can be as simple as someone asking you, with an open heart and the resources to help, "What do you need?"



Your care package will be a unique collection of original writing, researched information, tips, recommendations, reviews, online resources + a playlist to soundtrack all of the above. It'll be written especially for you, and delivered in a beautifully-designed pdf format for you to read on screen or print out. Every component we add will be based on your response to what you need right now, and handpicked to meet the brief of delivering something beautiful, thoughtful and practical which most importantly will have a positive impact in your life right now. 



1. You purchase your Bespoke Virtual Care Package here.

2. When we receive your order, we'll email you all the details, including a questionnaire with some questions about the things you'd like help with. We understand that the mundane sits side by side with the deeper stuff, and there's space for everything. Each Virtual Care Package begins with your answers to the question, "What Do You Need?" You probably have some instinctive responses to that question, whether the answer is "some help with....", "to learn how to...", "to try to...", "time to...", "space to...", "to remember to...", "to find out about...", "to figure out how to..." Trust yourself, your instincts and your answers. The more honest you are, the more specific we'll be able to be with our resources. The more specific your care package, the more likely it is to do its job of making YOU, not anyone else, feel nourished and cared for. 

3. We dedicate hours over the following week to researching, writing and compiling your personalised care package. Each care package is a one-off, designed and written specifically for each individual. Once it's finished at the end of the week, we'll email it to you as a beautifully-designed pdf document for you to read on screen or for you to print out if you prefer something paper to hold.



Because of the bespoke nature of this care package, and the time involved for us to research, write and design each one, availability is limited each week. Each care package is a one-off, designed and written specifically for each individual. We will open up the list each week and take orders until it's full.

We can't wait to get started!