Ceramic Espresso Cup & Saucer Set


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Handmade decorative espresso set inspired by
snowy landscapes and clear winter skies.
This espresso cup and saucer set is a perfect
accompaniment to your morning pastry.

The clay used to make this dish is white stoneware
clay, the blue glaze is used to create the splash
effect and the surface of the dish is then glazed
with transparent glossy glaze (stoneware firing to
1240°C, glaze food safe).

The splash technique is very organic and every
piece is different and unique.
You are choosing a product that truly is one of a kind!

The plate is easy to use and clean, it is stoneware and
is therefore strong, durable and easy to wash.
The surface is non porous.

SIZE approx
Espresso Cup Height: 6 cm
Espresso Cup Diameter: 5cm
Saucer Diameter: 8cm