Cinnamon Gum


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Oh My Gum! makes natural, plastic-free chewing gum with
plant-based sweetener. This cinnamon gum has a delicious
spice kick or we also stock natural mint for a classic choice.
Each box contains 10 pieces of gum.


In their own words:

"Regular gum is made of plastic. Yes, plastic! The same kind
of plastic used to make tyres and glue and we have been
cluelessly chewing on it for years. That’s why standard gum
sticks onto our streets for years : it is made of plastic so it
does not break down.
Oh My Gum! is made with natural chicle (tree sap from the
sapodilla tree in Mexico) and chicle is what chewing gum was
originally made of. That’s why Oh My Gum! is biodegradable
and planet-friendly.
It's also packaged in plastic-free and recyclable
bag-friendly boxes designed to minimise waste."

Xylitol, Natural Chicle Gum Base, Natural Flavour
(Cinnamon), Glycerol, Magnesium Stearate, Gum Arabic,
Carnuba Wax.