DONATE / Gift It Forward


Would you like to anonymously brighten up someone's
day? Our Gift It Forward project has been running since
March 2020 and celebrates the kindness of strangers...
we match up donated Gift It Forward vouchers with 
nominated people!

When the pandemic first hit, we realised that, between
them, our parents had worked over a hundred years of
service to the NHS, delivering babies, working in blood
donor centres, surgeries, psychiatric units, care homes,
pathology labs... That's a whole century. We wanted to do
something to recognise the huge emotional and mental
toll of the pandemic, to offer respite and show care to
people, especially those who didn't have much spare time
or energy or money for self care. 

Each voucher purchased will go directly towards the
cost of a care package sent by post for someone who
has been nominated to receive one (anyone can be
nominated - just click here
if you have someone in mind!)

Each nominee will receive a selection of our bestselling
products + a playlist + an uplifting message, in a 
beautifully-wrapped care package. A proper surprise treat.
We have a list of people who've been nominated and we
post out the care packages as we receive donations.


You will receive a thank you email confirming your order
and some info about who your care package will be heading

Donating a Gift It Forward voucher is a way to anonymously
brighten the day of someone you don't know. It's a celebration
of the ripple effect of kindness and one of our favourite things
that we do. Thank you for taking part!

Stevie & Nadia x