Fern unfurling / Maria Erla Portway Print


While the rain whispers your name.

'Fern unfurling' is part of a limited edition collection of
photographic prints by Maria Erla Portway, a
photographer and writer originally from Iceland and
based in Edinburgh, whose work is best described in
her own words (above and below):

The images were all created in 2020, a year when
endless days melted into one and most markers of
seasonal change went amiss. In some respect they are
a creative response to loss. But loss comes in various forms,
meaning different things to different people. I find that the
way we look at the world is deeply personal but also
relatable on so many levels. It's my hope that when people
look at my images they can relate, not to me, but to that
shared feeling. As if there is a tangible thread that connects
us as humans. How beautiful would that be?

All images are Giclée print on ArtSure approved Platinum
Etching paper (285gsm) and A4 size. Unframed.
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