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We have been so excited for this new issue!
Gal-Dem is committed to telling the stories of people
of colour from marginalised genders.

In their own words:

Welcome to gal-dem's Roaring Twenties. This issue asks
what could the 2020s look like, and what do we want
from them? What can we learn from organisations like
The Advocacy Academy, which is training new
generations of social-justice campaigners? What does
a world look like when we re-evaluate our attitudes
towards drugs, towards housing, towards whole industries?
As we progress through (and for one of us, past) our
twenties, what parts of our histories do we cherish and
hold close? Who are the artists, makers and creators we
want to champion today and tomorrow? We have created
this edition full of hope for a new era, one that harnesses
the nostalgia of the recent past as a tool to drive us
forwards. Invigorated by a new century, and acutely
aware of the past mistakes we cannot replicate, this
edition asks us to imagine how we can make the 2020s
roar in their very own way.