Email a Gift Voucher


The perfect gift when you can't decide what to choose for
someone or when you've left it a bit last minute.


Our vouchers are valid on any purchase made
All our products are ethical, sustainable, and made with
love by a diverse community of independent makers
across the UK.  Available in £10, £20 or £50 vouchers,
or any mixture of.

Once we receive your order, we'll put together a
unique personalised newsletter-style email which
will include:
/ voucher code to redeem on our online store
// a link to a Spotify playlist (feel free to tell us
what their favourite kind of music is)
/// a personalised note from you to the recipient
(to add a note to your order, click on your cart and
type your message in the Special Instructions box )
We will email this to your email address for you to
forward on to the recipient.

If you are buying for multiple recipients please let us
know in your notes at checkout, so we can make up
separate vouchers.

Please allow 48 hours after ordering to receive your
voucher, or just drop us an email to if you need it sooner.