MAGAZINE / Another Escape / The Wilderness Volume

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MAGAZINE / Another Escape / The Wilderness Volume

/ Another Escape is an outdoor lifestyle, creative culture and sustainable living journal that celebrates the stories of passionate people inspired by nature. /


• Rekindling our innate connection to the earth and finding a deep sense of belonging • How intimate knowledge of nature can enable us to feel at home outdoors • Preserving edible plant varieties and working towards food and seed sovereignty • Questioning the concept of land ownership in the face of climate breakdown and ecological collapse • Uncovering the importance of awe-inspiring experiences and planetary perspective in building a regenerative future for both people and planet • Reconsidering the concept of belonging in nature in a changing world? • Celebrating Sweden’s natural systems through remarkable works of art • Understanding the meticulous process of creating a great axe and how craftsmanship can influence your perspective on the world • Supporting the ecological recovery of one of the planet’s most threatened marine ecosystems, the Baltic Sea • Finding calm and quiet corners in the Swedish outdoors

160 pages

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