+ 'Make It Beautiful' Fabric Gift Wrap + Playlist


All modesty aside, our gift wrapping is pretty special,
and we're really proud of the care we put into it. Word
on the street is that it makes your care package an
absolute joy to open. If you'd like your Pick 'n' Mix Care
Package to arrive in our signature fabric wrapping with
dried flower details and a playlist link, just click to add
1 x 'Make It Beautiful' Fabric Gift Wrap to your cart. 

What's Included:

+ Fabric Wrap

+ Dried flower details throughout

+ Link to a Spotify playlist that fits the mood of your mix

+ Notecard (if it's a gift, you can add a message to the
bottom of your cart, in 'Special Instructions', or
email us shop@centurygeneralstore.com once you've
placed your order), and we'll be sure to include your
words for the recipient).

Please note our Curated Care Package Collection already
includes the fabric gift wrap + playlist, so it's only an add-on
if you've chosen to Pick 'n' Mix.