Savasana Balm


This beautiful product was created by Bodylushious
Skincare in collaboration with Yoga teacher Peggy
Beardmore. We're big believers in anything that helps
you to access joyful moments, and often that means
being intentional in your habits no matter what else is
happening that day or how the world is looking. A little
tin that'll help you do just that.


In their own words:
"Take a few moments to massage the silky smooth
Savasana Balm into your hands and feet before a
time of dedicated rest, whether at the end of yogatime
or before bed. As you inhale, allow the aroma of
Sandalwood to fill your senses and as you exhale,
invite a feeling of grounding and safety to surround you.
Breathe in again for the uplifting notes of Bergamot to
fill you with inspiration, leaving you free to breathe out
anything holding you back."

Eco friendly, vegan & cruelty free.

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