Speckle Mugs


Don't forget to add a 'Make It Beautiful' Gift Wrap to your
order if you'd like your product choices to be gift wrapped
in our signature fabric wrapping + dried flower details +
a playlist to suit the mood of your selection. You'll find the
Gift Wrap at the beginning of the Pick 'n' Mix Collection.
We'll make it a joy to open.

Each beautiful stoneware mug is handmade by Douglas
White Ceramics and as such each piece is unique in shape.
The colour can be read as white or as the palest grey:
timeless and beautiful, with brown speckles. Perfect for tea
or coffee, or pair with our Blendsmiths latte mixes for a 
warming treat.

Click on the drop down menu to choose which design you'd
like. (If you're looking for a pair and need help finding the
closest match, drop us an email to
shop@cenurygeneralstore.com and we'll tell you which
would work.)