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The Gentlewoman is a celebration of individual style,
packaged up in a publication you'll want to return
to time and again.

In their own words:

"Issue 22 of The Gentlewoman is fronted by the cosmic
pop star and actor Janelle Monáe, photographed by
Clara Balzary and profiled inside by Horacio Silva.
Then lifting this edition’s scintillating teal cover, some
of the women to be discovered are the preeminent interior
designer, Ilse Crawford, the fantastical filmmaker, Jenn
Nkiru, the incomparable Shakespearean actor, Harriet
Walter, and darts superstar, Fallon Sherrock. The shocking
contemporary relevance of Barbara Kruger’s iconic 1989
poster, “Your Body is a Battleground” is explored
furthermore in a definitive oral history, while the dream
of escaping it all becomes a reality in a Modern Manners
essay. And lo, the fashions! Our merry band of
photographers and stylists bring you new attitudes,
fresh faces and some fine-looking garb."