Verona / Print


Now Available for Pre-Order!

We are delighted to be stocking a gorgeous selection
of art prints by The Brown Hues. Available to pre-order
now, and we'll be posting out to you on Thursday
23rd Sep.


The Brown Hues is artist Theresa (Malieme) Olloh, an engineer
who returned to a love of art during the pandemic,
and celebrates the joy found in freedom of  expression.
Each print is designed to uplift, brighten and inspire. 
We love the dreamy flowing, dancing lines of this 'Verona'

Print Size: A3.

Printed on high quality, 200-250 gsm, 100% recycled paper.
(It’s made from 100% genuine de-inked post consumer waste
and is FSC certified.)

Don't forget to add a 'Make It Beautiful' Gift Wrap to your
order if you'd like your product choices to be gift wrapped
in our signature fabric wrapping + dried flower details +
a playlist to suit the mood of your selection. You'll find the
Gift Wrap at the beginning of the Pick 'n' Mix Collection.
We'll make it a joy to open.